Pricing of Arizona Custom Home Designs

Our floor plans are created with the highest standard of quality.  Each set of floor plans goes through a comprehensive check process to ensure accuracy.  Each floor plan is drawn to meet the code standards of the current International Residential Code.

We GUARANTEE our plans for City submittal.  If there are any redlines, we promptly take care of them at no additional 'in-house' costs.*

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  • Stock Plans found on our Web Site: <top>
    • AS IS (no changes): $1.00 per livable square foot with a $3500 minimum. (plus Structural Engineering below)
      • Example: 4000 livable square foot stock plan x $1.00 = $4000.00
    • With 'minor' modifications: $1.00 per livable square foot ($3500 min) + $100/hour for modifications (plus Structural Engineering below)
      • Very minor, non-structural modifications are included and not charged for
      • Example: interior changes such as moving sinks or islands around, moving an exterior wall is not minor but major
    • With 'major' modifications: this is determined on a per plan basis, and depends on the complexity,  but typically the per livable square foot price is modified. (plus Structural Engineering below)
      • Such as $1.75, $2.00 or more, and there is no longer an hourly charge. ($3500 min)
    • All above PRICING IS PLANS ONLY.  Does not include Structural Engineering, site plan, or other lot specific items listed in Additional Services below..
    • IMPORTANT:  while stock plans are completed plans, there is a process to update each plan to a specific municipality, their codes and other requirements, including customizations for your specific lot.  It will take several weeks to update a plan.  As a result, these are not print and done plans.
  • New Home Design <top>
    • We base pricing on the square footage of a project and the level of detail required for your plans. The price typically works out to about 2% of the total investment of your home.
    • Starting price: $3.00 per livable square foot + $0.50 per non-livable square foot
      • Example: 4000 livable square feet x 3.00 = $12,000
        1500 non-livable square feet x 0.50 = $750
        Totaling $12,750
    • PLUS Structural Engineering (listed below)
  • Structural Engineering <top>
    • Structural Engineering is not included in the above prices
    • Structural Engineering is strongly recommended and typically required by Arizona Municipalities.
    • Starting Price: $0.85 per livable square foot with a $2000 minimum.
      • Example: 4000 livable square feet x $0.85 = $3400 (plus cost of plans above)
    • Accessory Structures & Garages vary, but start at $1500 for engineering.
    • If a plan qualifies to be designed without a Structural Engineer (smaller, simpler homes), there is a $500 fee to design the home prestricively using the current building codes.
  • Additional Services <top>
    • Architectural Site Plans (included in New Home Pricing) = starting at $750 (depending on complexity)
    • Grading & Drainage Site Plan by Civil Engineer when required, starts at $4500 (includes topo survey)
    • Energy Calculations (included in New Home Pricing) = $250
    • Waste/Water Schematics (incuded in New Home Pricing) = $250
    • Mechanical Calcs (Manual J, S, D) (not included) = $750 (required by Scottsdale, Chandler, Phoenix, others as required)
    • Gas Schematics (when applicable) = $150 (included in new home pricing above where required)
    • Mechanical & Electrical Engineering (when applicable) = Per project proposal (typically only needed when 600 amp panel)
    • Soils Reports by Engineer (required in Gilbert & Phoenix, others when applicable) = $1500
    • Topographical Surveys (when required/requested) = per current market pricing (typically around $1500)
  • Detached Garages & Other Accessory Structures <top>
    • These projects vary in size, complexity & detail & is therefore difficult to place them into a single price structure.  Therefore, we will calculate the time we’ll spend on your project, then provide you with a proposal   We do have a $2500 minimum.  This is where most small projects fit.
  • Retainer or Deposit Policy:
    • Over our years in the trade, we have found it good business to require a retainer, or deposit before we begin work.  Therefore:
    • 50% down payment & remaining amount due at completion of plans.
      • Example: $10,000 project.  $5000 down payment to begin work.
        Remaining $5000 due when plans are completed.

*DISCLAIMER -  If municipalities require a registered Engineer these costs are additional, and typically follow the above price structure.  Plan reviews, unfortunately, are inconsistent from day to day, from reviewer to reviewer, and from city to city.  Therefore, we do not guarantee that there will not be redlines even if the same plans passed through the same city just days before.  This is what makes hiring a professional that understands the cities and the building codes so important.  All prices are subject to change with out notice.  See our Terms & Conditions for additional information.